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What an awesome way to end the summer...I am starting my CS blog. I have always loved to write and even took a writing course at Callanwolde Arts Center. So here we go. Let me know what you think as I love to hear from my Certainly Southern friends.

So, my first memory of a monogram was the Pappagallo purse circa 1980's. We all had to have one with our initials and different colored button-on covers. Thus began my love of monogramming. I think anything with your initials is so southern. I know southerners don't own this concept but it just makes me think of the preppy southern look that I learned to love. I was kind of a tomboy but that preppy look soon took hold and I was hooked. It is those memories we treasure. I no longer have my old purse but I did enjoy thinking about those days.

Enjoy your Labor Day and spend a few minutes thinking about the simpler times of our childhood when a monogrammed purse could make us so happy.